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Michael Wagaman is one of California’s leading experts in political targeting, redistricting, and election law.  During his decade with the State Assembly he served as both the Chief Deputy Director and Interim Director of the Speaker’s Office of Member Services, during which time Democrats expanded their majorities from 48 to 55.  After leaving the Assembly in 2013 Michael founded Wagaman Strategies, a general political consulting firm focused on using new, quantitative tools to improve the efficiency of campaigns.  In 2016 Michael helped Democrats reclaim their Legislative supermajorities both as a consultant for Sharon Quirk-Silva for Assembly and for the Senate Democratic Caucus, winning 12 of 13 campaigns he worked on last year. 


Michael’s expertise in redistricting has made him a leading authority on long-term demographic and political trends in the state.  He has worked at Berkeley’s Statewide Database building the state’s official redistricting database, as a line drawer for the 2001 redistricting, a liaison to the Independent Redistricting Commission in 2011, and has performed line-drawing and racially polarized voting analyses for numerous local jurisdictions. 


Michael has worked on California election law for more than fifteen years, tracking elections policy for the State Democratic Caucus and prior to that working as an Election Analyst for the California Secretary of State.  At the Secretary of State’s office, he wrote the country’s first standards for voter-verified paper audit trails and conducted the first real-time, Election Day testing of voting equipment.  Michael currently serves as the Chair of the California Democratic Party’s Credentials Committee and Chaired the body that adjudicated the party’s recently disputed election for Chair.