Chittenraju Vanguri

  • Chittenraju Vanguri



A Kakinada native, Vanguri Chitten Raju is a household name both in India and abroad. Settled in Houston, Texas, four decades ago, his expertise in weaving humorous stories with his day to day experiences in the United States have made his tales beloved by all that hear them. Whether he be at a literary meet, film shooting, or television program, Chitten Raju views the situation he is in in a humorous angle, and presents it in his own inimitable style. He is a founding member of the Telugu Cultural Association of Houston and has worked closely with the community to continue events that embrace our Telegu culture.  Through his namesake foundation the Vanguri Foundation of America, he has published books written by both eminent and budding writers, while also participating in philanthropic service. He is pride of Houston.