Venkata Reddy Kasireddy

  • Venkata Reddy Kasireddy



Retired professor Kasireddy Venkata Reddy is the head of the Telugu department at Osmania University. He has researched the topic “Telugu Podupu Kathalu,” and his work is heavily cited by other literary thinkers in that area. Aside from his research, he has also penned many poems, short stories, novels, spiritual books, literary critiques, and folk art, as well as other kinds of literature. His extensive contributions to Telegu literature have led him to be honored with titles such as Upanyasa Kalaanidhi, Upanyasa Kesari, and Sahitya Dharma Senani. Currently, he is the editor for monthly magazines Viswa Hindu, Sivaananda Bharati, and Gita Jnana Yoga Samachar.