Ashtaavadhaanam by Dr. Medasani Mohan

  • France

    June 30, 2018   01:00 PM - 06:30 PM

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    Meeting Room 310

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    Meeting Room 340


Avadhani             :               Dr. Medasani Mohan

Sanchalakudu    :               Dr. Puduri Jagadeeshwaran

Pruchchakulu     :               Dhoolipaala Mahadevamani,

      Lalit Gannavaram,

     Kasireddy Venkata Reddy,

     Murali Lanka

     Indrani Palaparthi

     Sudesh Pillutla

     Ram Cheruvu

     Vanguri Chittenraju

     Satyadev Chilukuri

Detail Info

In this program, Dr. Medasani Mohan Garu will completely mesmerize your mind with his incredible literary skills in an Ashtaavadhanam. As 8 literary experts, called Pruchchakas, test him in 8 different ways, he will be challenged to compose multiple poems on the spot while being respectful of a defined poetic meter, or chandassu. Throughout the Avadhaanam, one pruchchaka will be tasked with asking questions and making remarks designed to deter the concentration of the Avadhaani, while also introducing some comedic relief to the otherwise intense program. After the rounds are completed, the Avadhaani will recite all the poems he created throughout the Avadhaanam. This popular Telegu literary program is not only highly intellectual and unique, but is also very rare. Our Avadhaani will be sharing with us his literary prowess, which has already been exercised in multiple Avadhaanams, including one with 5,000 pruchchcakas, giving him the title Pancha-sahasraavadhani.